Spicy Tuna Crisp

Focus is the key that defines one preference and meaning and it is something many has yet to obtain. Marco Pierre White is a wise man and a legend, and he stands firm on his belief that “we live in a world more of refinement, not entirely of creation.”

Foodies around the world chases after what tickles their taste buds, and many recreates those memories by revisiting taste by deconstruction, recreation or refinery.

Tastes are associated with memories, and this particular dish is associated with a very special young lady. Three words can be used to describe this dish, “Sexy, Brave, and Spicy”

ImageSpicy Tuna Crisp

Cooking a philosophy, and why should their be recipes? Cook the way you like, eat the way you enjoy, drink the way that makes you happy, and mix according to your palate. Don’t ever let recipes dominate your creativity. 


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