Fastfood, Kills?

Let me ask you, my friend. Either if you agree or disagree with the idea that fast food kills, what is your opinion?

formed your opinion? Alright, good. Now, if you are still interested, read mine.

In our fast growing industrializmc-donald's-time-square_v1_460x285ed society, time is money, money is time. The more time we spent on making money, the more money we make. Agree? I firmly believe that our generation gap is widening by the second, and along with social class differences. The wealthy become wealthier, and the poor.. well, stays poor.

if you grew up watching cartoon network with spaghetti & meatballs at night, waking up to Nickelodeon with a beautifully melted grilled cheese waiting for you in the dining room, you are in fact luckier than 70% of the world. Now if you grew up like me, who went through a rough stretch of 6 months eating nothing but boiled carrots, then you’ll be able to understand my point more easily here in a second.

With the vast growing concept “healthy eating” supporting the ideology of health consciousness, many medical professionals such as dietitians and nutritionists are rapidly chiming into the conversation of clean eating.

disclaimer: before getting all defensive and begin countering my points, understand that this is simply an opinion, step into the shoes of the poor, perhaps it will help.

On average organic and fresh produce costs 75% – 100% more expensive than normal produce. Nothing saying that it is impossible to eat cleanly, I’m simply stating that it is relatively more expensive trying to eat healthy. Going back to the idea of “time is money, money is time”, most of us working class don’t have the time and energy to go to the grocery store, spent 1 hours picking out a good quality tomato, make the purchase, bring it home, boil, skin, peel, infuse with olive oil, garlic, basil, reduce it down to a sauce, then add it to the freshly made pasta that we spent 2 hours making yesterday. Popping open a can of factory made pasta sauce and add it to the dried pasta we boiled for 10 minutes is to many, much more convenient, energy saving, and more importantly – time saving and simply affordable.

To go along with the example given above, it can be replaced by a trip to a local McDonald. still following me?

Fast food is appealing to:

  • blue-collar/white-collar working 50-70 a week (8-12 hours a day)
  • monthly income less that $1500
  • with kids (planned or unplanned)
  • renting or living with large group of people
  • stressed
  • depressed
  • etc


Compare to a Fortune 500 company VP who is 50 lbs overweight to a factory worker who is 50 lbs over weight, the VP is not overweight because he eat poorly, he is become he can afford all that steak, lobster, and red wine. The factory worker is 50 lb overweight because all he can probably afford to eat after a 12 hour shift. Can the VP eat clean? absolutely. why inst he? because he doesn’t have to and don’t want to. Can the factory worker eat clean? Not so much, it’s not a matter of choice for him, its matter of availability for him.

or if you like David So, he just simply loves that stuff.


Bottom line, fast food doesn’t kill, Social class differences, Does.


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