About Jason

 Hospitality Leader – Speaker – Educator – Cook

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Lecturer, Collins College of Hospitality Management
General Manager, Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch
Managing Consultant, QingDao Horton Foods LTD. 

Prior to joining The Collins College in 2015, Jason managed a variety of operations in the corporate food and beverage sector. Jason is trained in volume-based full service, fine dining, and luxury fast-casual concepts. He managed and opened restaurants across the Western U.S with California Pizza Kitchen, Eureka! Restaurant Group, Lemonade Restaurant Group and more. He currently serves as a Managing Instructor for The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch and a Multi-Unit Operations Managing Partner for Southeast Asia based Cloud Beyond Restaurants and Sole Bakery Restaurant Concepts located in Qingdao, China.

·         M.H.A (2018) Hospitality Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
·         B.S. (2010) Hotel & Restaurant Management, Cal Poly Pomona
·         C.H.E. (2016) Certified Hospitality Educator, American Hotel & Motel Association.
Teaching, Research, & Consulting Interests:
·         Food & Beverage Operations & Management
·         Events Management
·         Corporate Training & Development
·         Restaurant Concept Development
·         Personal Development

Zhang Reyes Sheree

Professional Body Membership:
·         Faculty Advisor, Roundtable & Foodservice Professionals, Cal Poly Pomona, 2017 – Present.
·         Member of the Apicius Study Abroad Program Committee, Cal Poly Pomona, 2016 – Present.



“The only bad workout is the one that never happened”

Now, that is a concept or phrase that we hear over and over again, and yet, many of us would still sit on the living room sofa with Chinese take-out in one hand, and an ice cold beer in another, while we watch the third episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Chinese take-out and an ice cold blue moon? It DOES sound better than lifting heavy metal bars at a sweat-filled room with sweaty shorts everywhere.


Why did I mention this concept that you may ask? It is because I bought into the concept, and I said to myself, the only bad experience I will come across, is the one I’ve never experienced”. If I don’t try it, how am I suppose to know if it is worth or not? in the mid twenties-age, according to many, the perfect age to be out exploring, experiencing and living.


Balance is crucial – Male & Female, Big & Small, Tall & Short, Wealthy & Poor, Strong & Weak, Ying & Yang. There must be a balance in your life. Pleasures require dues. Pay your dues, Work Hard and  Play Hard.

Without struggles and hardship, Life won’t be worth living, therefore embrace it, and fight it.  – Mentor



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