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IMG_8090“The only bad workout is the one that never happened”

Now, that is a concept or phrase that we hear over and over again, and yet, many of us would still sit on the living room sofa with Chinese take-out in one hand, and an ice cold beer in another, while we watch the third episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Chinese take-out and an ice cold blue moon? It DOES sound better than lifting heavy metal bars at a sweat-filled room with sweaty shorts everywhere.


Why did I mention this concept that you may ask? It is because I bought into the concept, and I said to myself, the only bad experience I will come across, is the one I’ve never experienced”. If I don’t try it, how am I suppose to know if it is worth or not? at the mid twenties-age, according to many, the perfect age to be out exploring, experiencing and living.


I spent years since the age of 14 (helping out parents, school ROP, and no, I was not forced into child labor) working in various restaurants, shops, retail stores, school classrooms, universities, and spent years obtaining a hospitality degree. Exploring my dream and passion of becoming the world-famous chef, serving people the food I love, taking care of those I care for and provide warm services for people that come back to me over and over again.

Upon graduation spend two years managing a well-known American Corporate Restaurant Group – California Pizza Kitchen. Although the experience was tremendous, humble and entertaining, and I regret nothing of being a part of it. For you folks that don’t know much about restaurant operations that the food comes out a kitchen, I worked 65-75 hours a week, constantly moving, rapid decision making. Getting yelled at and threatened by angry guests comes and goes on a weekly basis, and the only break I get throughout my 12-14 hr days is the 5 mins I get to chow down a quick salad.

I sacrificed friendship, I sacrificed family, I sacrificed relationship, I sacrificed mental health, and I gave up on my body. I became restless, I became depressed, I became irritated, and I became sick. but, I finally realized the idea of – Balance.

A bit later I ran into a very old childhood friend of mine, whom I had lost contact with throughout the years after high school. He is now a very successful real estate investor. The idea of Real Estate that had been locked away in

the back of my head since college came rushing


out, and I thought to myself “I should be able to make a change, take control of my own time, work hard for myself, and service those who needs help just the way I do plating up the bowl of creamy pasta, delivering to the table and watch the smile of satisfaction and love light up the whole dining room like I used to in the restaurants. Shortly after my old friend, and beloved chef & professor called me up, offered me to get back in the kitchen, and who am I kidding, I do belong in the kitchen. It takes a while of searching and gathering to finalize on a realistic goal – the light at the end of the tunnel, is now visible.


Balance is crucial – Male & Female, Big & Small, Tall & Short, Wealthy & Poor, Strong & Weak, Ying & Yang. There must be a balance in your life. Pleasures require dues. Pay your dues, Work Hard and  Play Hard.

Without struggles and hardship, Life won’t be worth living, therefore embrace it, and fight it.  – Mentor



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