Looking at Here’s Looking at You

The restaurant business is an forever evolving organism to its own. A line cook you worked with could be your El Jefe 5 years down the road. Conversely, your boss now could be your dishwasher after your 90-day probation at your new gig. You would be amazed how inclusive this circle is, everybody knows everybody, there is no escape the constant name dropping whatsoever.


A former Student Assistant and a former student is now learning and burning his way up the culinary world at this newly developed gem inside the respected K-town of downtown Los Angeles. Chef Jonathan Whitener and his cooks are not shy about flavors, I mean, not at all. The entire menu is designed in a way that takes Asian-inspired cooking to the next level.


Food provokes memories, and very rarely you’ll come across a dish that leaves your speechless in the moment. “Heritage Pork Belly”, like the drag queen off 42nd in Manhattan, “nuff said, drop em panties”


It haunts me. Beautiful haunting dreams. Fat loving dreams. It.. haunts me.