“Loneliless” is underrated.

Circle, Square, A, B, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Left.

As a kid I used to smash my controller as of there was a cross-eye scarred cave bear after me and the only way to stay alive is to smash buttons as hard as I possibility could.

and… when I do, I was usually alone.


It quite interesting now, thinking back, that this representation of self-rejuvenation through video games, made… perfect sense.

As I always tell people when they ask me, “you are so entertaining! you must be the life of the party and love it too!” Sadly… I’m the shy shy boar farest away from all these spotlights and commotions. It is like.. I have an energy bar. 

Somewhat like “street fighters” back in the 90s, “taken” back in the early 2000s, your character has above it, an energy bar that takes a dip every time your character takes a hit. People like me, we operate the same way as the day go by.

At times I just want to be at the beach absorbing its breeze, there is something nostalgic and gentle about that words cannot explain. Alone.

At times I just want to be sitting down with my feet dangling off a cliff absorbing the sunshine, there is something warm about it, that words cannot explain. Alone.

At times I just want to be somewhere completely strange, far far away from thing that I’m used to seeing, hearing, and feeling. A random street underneath a random lamp post, in a random country. Alone.

Loneliness, at times, is underrated. Perhaps one day, a girl, a beautiful creature, could redefine, the definition in my book of self-ponder, self-fulfillment, and self-reflection. Making me, no longer an underrated loner by choice.


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