Rather you believe in it or not, I do think Horoscope at time is ridiculously accurate describing a person’s behaviors and personalities. With me being cancer, apparently I’m more likely to believe is this bullshit, but hey, shit is entertaining.

As a cancer, being sentimental and emotional is up in neon EDC styled lights and lasers, like omfg-ly true. For most of us, home is where the heart is, home is where the fun is, home is where the tears fall,  and home is where all the binge eating and drink happens. Never had strong thoughts of going anywhere far, anywhere new, and anywhere fun, and most of the trips were circumstances and was forced to be taken.

We can literally spend two weeks inside the house and not see a single person, well, the pizza delivery boys do not count, and sometimes 3 cases of Shin Ramen will do.

Villa Lante

I recently lead a international study group to Italy, the funny thing is that as a cancer, I’m suppose to stress over it then fall deeper and deeper into a emotional limbo about how, when, where, why, and what the fuck was I suppose to do. Instead, I felt calm and collected, as if the sky can fall down and shit will still be okay. The trip turned out to be more than splendid as our group ventured from city to city, sure there were problems but the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

As I sit on the street of Florence, left hand holding a sandwich, right hand shaking a can of coke, the world seemed to calm and things seemed so effortless. As the gentle breeze roams through, my mind drifted away unconsciously as if nothing mattered and as it is slowly goes blank – much like fishing.


Life now is not about how high you can climb, how rich you can get, sure having mega-billions of dollars could make A LOT of things come true, in fact, a lot of money is pretty… good. BUT realistically speaking, I’d rather be in a country side, grow my own food, dig my own water, instead of being wrapped in all the judgement, politics and frustrations. Well, as long it as WIFI, AC and no bugs.


A pair of shoes, can take you anywhere, accept who you are and what you are given. Count your blessings, my grandmother would say.

It is a matter of perspective. 



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