Decision Shapes Destiny

IMG_6699So the idea is this – “decision shapes destiny.

Anthony Robbins brilliantly placed people in perspective while at the same time demolishing excuses and flat out lies across the entire country.

People around the world are drenched in agony and are dishing out complaints after complaints after complaints but never analyzing their own deficiencies, and of course; everyone’s got an opinion that the other person MUST come to agreement with or else all hell breaks loose. Right?

“I didn’t have enough money.”
“I didn’t have enough time”
“I didn’t have enough support”
“I didn’t have enough power”
“I didn’t have good parents”

 What are some of the excuses you’ve used yourself to lie to yourself? How many times have you allowed your own laziness and inefficiencies dominate your decision making?

It has never been about the resources, hasn’t it? The truth is resourcesfulness.

Success in life is simple, understand the formula of life and you will for sure be successful at what you visualize. Visualization is a very powerful tool. Well, what the hell is the formula then?

“80% psychology, 20% mechanics”

Tony Robbins is spot on with his teaching, “if you are psychologically strong, can you get to it yes or no?” YES, 110% fucking yes. Success is the product of the mind, with you making a decision to change your “shoulds” into “musts”, ALL is possible. Regardless of the amount of will power.

Again, visualization is a powerful tool. Everyone have their own version of their perfect self don’t they? I want to look like this, I want to be like this, I want to live like this, and I want to drive around in that. Imagine yourself walking down the beach with the body that you’ve always dreamed of towards the car that you’ve always dreamed of driving. Make that your goal, and work hard towards it. Feel it psychologically, then take physical action.

Remember, “an idea not followed by action is meaningless, an action without thoughts are meaningless”. Take an idea and put yourself into actions, DOING > TALKING.

So now, lay down… close your eyes… and visualize who you want to become 3 months from now. Then, let today be the day that you’ve DECIDED to become psychologically strong, and physically achieving.


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